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What advantages do I have as an end customer?

Connecting the deburring spindle to the robot controls with the VPort ensures that the deburring task is carried out within the agreed process parameters. The transfer of speed, deflection and direction data ensures that the components are correctly deburred. Speed drops or excessive burrs are detected so that the robot can take appropriate corrective action. Values can also be stored to monitor the status of the system.

Why should I connect VSpin with the robot controller?

This is the only way the robot can react to events such as cutter breakage, a changed component contour or an excessive burr with an emergency stop or a tool change. It is also possible to monitor the position and orientation of the component (similar to a 3D measuring machine).

Do I absolutely need a VPort?

No. Many functions are also available with the free Android app. With the APP teaching is greatly simplified and shortened. Furthermore, warning and error messages of the spindle can be viewed via Bluetooth. However, the VPort is absolutely necessary to achieve a complete monitoring of the process.

How do I learn more about VSpin and all its advantages?

Call us and let us advise you.

VSpin or VControl is defective. What can I do?

Please contact: 07159-180930 or Before you send the defective device to us, we ask you to request an RMA form from us.

How does the VSpin help me to improve the deburring result?

For an optimal deburring result it is, among other things, absolutely necessary that the working speed of the milling cutter is correctly adjusted to suit the material. The VSpin enables you to analyse and display the working speed over the entire component using the App or VControl. An optimal adjustment of the working speed during the deburring process can be made via the supply pressure, contact pressure and feed rate.

What advantages do I have as a system integrator?

  1. As a system integrator the correct installation of the deburring spindle can already be checked. The possibility of displaying the idle speed makes it possible to check immediately whether the operating pressure as well as the hose length and hose diameter are sufficiently dimensioned. The correct function of the maintenance unit with lubricator can also be determined by means of the speed. This data can be called up later at any time via Bluetooth, even during operation.
  2. An acceptance report with agreed component contours can be drawn up before handover of the system. Deflection values and the working speed of the deburring process prove the correct operation of the system.
  3. The deburring spindle stores overloads (date, time, angle and speed) in the form of speed drops or maximum deflection values due to pressure losses or excessive burr for example. This data can be used as evidence for the cause of the fault.

How can I make my processes more efficient with VSpin?

The VSpin supports you during installation, teaching, operation and process evaluation. This is done visually, acoustically and by displaying and transferring process data to the robot controller. Preventive maintenance can be carried out by storing and analysing the process data, thereby avoiding downtime.


How often does VSpin need to be maintained and who carries it out?

We recommend a service time of 1500 hours. Under optimal conditions (air quality, lubrication) a service time of 3000 hours can also be achieved. For maintenance, please request an RMA form and send the VSpin to the following address (link)

Does the VSpin also detect vibrations during machining?

The VSpin does not yet detect vibrations. However, jumps, impacts or rapidly changing deflection values in the robot controller can be detected when a VPort is connected.

An operating pressure of 6.3 bar is applied but the spindle does not reach idle speed.

  1. Check whether there is a bottleneck in the air supply line. The line cross-sections according to the technical data are absolutely necessary to provide the required air volume. For hose lengths of 4 metres and more the hose cross-section must be increased to provide sufficient air.
  2. Mount the maintenance unit as close as possible to the spindle to ensure correct oil lubrication. Put a few drops of oil directly into the air connection of the spindle. If the speed now increases the spindle has not received enough oil. The VSpin 1000 turbine is operated without oil.

What happens when the memory is full?

It is a cycling buffer. When it is full the oldest data records are overwritten.

Which parameters can be set?

  1. Deflection lower threshold value in mm (or angle)
  2. Deflection upper threshold in mm (or angle)
  3. Max. deflection in mm (or angle)
  4. Mode Teach-In/ Operation mode
  5. Data logging Interval in ms
  6. Speed lower limit
  7. Cycle for monitoring the applied pressure and lubrication of the spindle
  8. Service interval according to running time
  9. Correction value milling cutter
  10. LED on/off
  11. Buzzer on/off

How many data sets can be recorded with the VSpin?

There are different log types available for the application. Each log type can store up to 1.5 million data records. Approximately 250 minutes of data can be recorded and evaluated for a deburring process with a time interval of 10 ms.

What air quality is required for the deburring spindle?

The required air quality is as per DIN ISO 8573-1, quality class 4 must be used.

Which oil must be used?

A resin and acid free oil of viscosity class 32 is required

What data does the spindle store?

Idle speed, working speed, deflection, running time, date, time, crash warnings, running time to service date, total running time, overloading of the robot spindle in case of speed drop, service and repair data.

The following log types are available for customer use:

- Idle speed
- Crash and warning signals in case of overload or exceeding of the max. deflection*
- Data analysis for component analysis*

*With these log types, a timestamp is written with working speed, deflection direction.


What is included with a VSpin?

The basic version includes the deburring spindle and a 20 meter long connection cable. The VPort (interface to the robot controller) is optionally available and is connected to the connection cable of the VSpin.

Can the data be deleted again?

Yes. Data such as speed, deflection, defined threshold values, etc. can be deleted by the user. Data such as serial number, running time, service data and crash warnings cannot be deleted.


During data logging of the APP the logging is aborted if the real time menu is closed or changed.

This is correct. Data logging via the APP for data analysis is only recorded as long as the real time menu is open. If the menu is changed while logging is running the APP aborts the logging.

What is the password of the VApp to access the spindle setup or the log's of the VSpin? Where can I change the password?

The default password is Service and can be changed in the VControl software when using a VPort.
Without VPort the password cannot be changed.

Can the APP also be used to view the error, idle, service warning or the service log of the data stored on the spindle?

Yes, with a long keystroke on the Log menu the logging data of the spindle is called up. A short push button action causes logging of the data analysis generated by the APP.

The Settings menu in the VApp requires a password. Can I get access to the settings?

The Settings menu in the VApp is reserved for the manufacturer or service technician.
Setup parameters of the VSpin are stored here, which may only be changed by the manufacturer.
Therefore no access is possible.

What are the system requirements for the VControl PC software?

Windows 7 / 10 (or higher) with min. 100 MB memory and USB 2.0 connection min. 100 MB

Why is the spindle not recognized via Bluetooth and displayed in the selection menu when starting the VApp?

On some Android devices you have to confirm the "GPS location share" for the VApp as it often includes the Bluetooth share. You can do this in the settings on your device.

However, the VApp itself does not request or store any location related data. This is an Android problem.

I receive a lower speed limit warning message in the APP when the spindle is switched off (depressurized). Can this warning message be switched off?

If the VSpin is operated WITHOUT VPort this warning message appears and it cannot be turned off. If the spindle is connected to a VPort the digital input DI1 must be set accordingly to inform the system that the spindle is turned on or off. Setting the digital input DI1 avoids a warning message being sent when the spindle is intentionally turned on or off. See also chapter Spindle Speed Lower Limit Start/Stop in the spindle function description.

Can data be saved and exported on the VApp?

The log data of the warning and crash messages as well as the idle speed monitoring are stored on in the VSpin. The data can be read and evaluated with the app. Thereby the user can get a quick overview of the correct and error free operation of the VSpin with the app.

The data of the data analysis is not stored on the spindle. When using the app for data analysis, the data is streamed to the app.

An export of the data is not possible with the app. Export is only possible when using VPort with the GUI.

How can I download the Android app to my smartphone?

The Android app is available in the Support section under Downloads as direct download or in the Google Play Store. Download the software to an Android device with Android 5.0 or higher.

Is programming only done via the VControl software?

No. Programming can be done either via the App or VControl in conjunction with VPort.


How can the VPort connections be assigned?

The VPort has digital inputs and outputs as well as analog outputs for speed, displacement and direction.

Can more than one VSpin be connected to a VPort?

No, only one VSpin per VPort can be connected at one time.

Do I need a VPort for simplified teaching?

No. Due to the data analysis and the data display in teach mode the app offers unlimited functionality to make teaching easy and efficient. Furthermore, all setup parameters of the VSpin can be entered with the app. The app also determines default values for the max. deflection and min. speed of a deburring process in order to be able to store these as warning messages afterwards.

The full range of functions with complete process monitoring (emergency stop, data analysis with evaluation via export, connection to robot controller for real-time transfer of speed, deflection and direction) is only possible with the VPort.

Do I need a special license for a VPort?

No, the VPorts are interchangeable and each VPort can be used with one VSpin.

Can I order VPort at a later date?

Yes, VPort can also be retrofitted to a purchased VSpin.